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Regional Digest: Trends in Human Rights Violations Against Vulnerable Groups and Examples of Effective Responses to Them

The REAct project team has presented a new regional digest, providing an overview of human rights violations against vulnerable groups affected by HIV/AIDS in 14 countries in the Eastern Europe and Central Asia region. The digest highlights current trends and challenges faced by this population and offers an analysis of the human rights situation in the context of HIV/AIDS.

The REAct project continues its efforts to identify and document human rights violations while addressing crucial issues in the fields of healthcare and social justice for those impacted by HIV/AIDS. This digest represents another step toward raising awareness and emphasizes the ongoing need for concerted efforts to advocate for the rights and dignity of this vulnerable population.

As part of the regional campaign “Push forward! To end violence against women and girls”, REAct organized a series of webinars on how to counteract gender-based violence and how to qualitatively help women who come forward. Recordings of webinars in English, Ukrainian, and Russian are available below. In 2023, we encourage new listeners to view the webinar recordings. From November 25, 2023 to January 31, 2024, each participant receives a unique opportunity to take a short test and receive a personalized online certificate.

Visit useful materials on the REAct website for more useful courses andpublications. Operative data regarding human rights violations of vulnerable toHIV/AIDS communities is available as well on country data factsheets. Read more success stories of response here.