Response stories

Refusal to change the ART scheme

Oksana is an internally displaced person who, after moving, registered with the local trust office, where her ART scheme was changed without reason. Every time after taking the medicine, the woman felt sick. She repeatedly reported this to the doctor, to which she replied that all “visitors” are constantly in trouble and she does not want to waste her time on such patients, as this is a simple adaptation of the body to the medication.

After taking another medication and feeling worse, Oksana began to think about completely refusing therapy and called the REAct documentator to report her psychological and physical condition. The client explained that the symptoms of health deterioration have continued for about five months, and the attending physician ignores any complaints. The documentator tried to contact the doctor personally, but she flatly refused to talk to him.

After that, the documentator suggested that Oksana be transferred to the regional public health center, where he agreed to provide advice on the side effects of ART. The client was transferred to the regional Center on the same day, and the ART scheme was changed. Currently, Oksana’s condition has stabilized.