Response stories

Refusal of hospitalization due to HIV status

Iryna independently turned to the reception department of the city clinical hospital in the evening with a complaint of a high temperature for several days and a deterioration of her general state of health.

The doctor offered to pay for the medical examination herself, but the woman was unable to do so. Due to the war in the country, Iryna was left without documents, housing and work. After hearing that, the doctor changed the purpose of the medical examination to a cheaper one. Still, as soon as he found out about the client’s HIV status, he immediately began insulting the woman in front of the entire reception department. The man spoke emotionally in her direction, emphasizing that Iryna not only could not pay for the examination but also “has AIDS.” After that, he ultimately refused the client’s further reception.

In a broken state, Iryna turned to the REActor. The woman told about the situation that happened and asked for help. The documentator immediately contacted the chief doctor of the medical institution by phone and reported the doctor’s illegal actions. The issue was resolved immediately and the client was hospitalized for inpatient treatment. A disciplinary discussion was held with the doctor to prevent similar situations in the future.