REAct has joined the 2021 Women’s March

The Human Rights Monitoring and Response Team in Ukraine – REAct supports the demands of the 2021 Women’s March urging respect for women’s rights in key communities, i.e., promoting their respect and protection, the elimination of gender discrimination, and the proper performance of state responsibilities. REAct representatives took part in the March held in Kyiv, Odesa and Kharkiv to draw attention to the challenges facing women in Ukraine, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Of the 775 cases of rights violations involving key communities recorded by REAct in 2020, 42 percent were reported by women because, even against the background of a wide range of human rights offenses, the violations against women’s rights are glaring. Women’s rights are most often violated by health workers (48%), police (22%), close associates (17%), or social services (7%).

According to REAct data obtained in four pilot regions, last year there were 327 cases of rights violations perpetrated against women, of which 189 cases were concerned with women who inject drugs. The main perpetrator of violations against women (PWID) are medical workers of state-sponsored health care institutions, i.e., in 41 percent of all cases, followed by the police – in 22 percent of all cases.

We strongly support the demands of the 2021 Women’s March because:

  • Women’s rights are human rights, and gender-based discrimination is a violation of human rights;
  • We help members of key communities vulnerable to HIV and TB who have experienced violations of their rights, many ofthese violations being perpetrated, first and foremost, against women;
  • Gender discrimination excludes universal access to health services and increases vulnerability to HIV and TB;
  • In a context of gender inequality, women are more vulnerable to many dangerous diseases;
  • Many forms of gender-based discrimination are “hidden,” thus making women who are on the receiving end of discrimination unable to seek help and protection;
  • Without eliminating gender inequality and gender-based violence, it is impossible to overcome the epidemics, in particular, HIV and TB;
  • Too little has been done by society and government authorities to provide adequate support and protection to all women, regardless of their social status, occupation, or health.

The REAct system ensures free access to psychological support, social case management, medical assistance, and legal aid.Confidential and reliable data storage is ensured for all requests for help being processed and documented.