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Quit smoking once for all

The most important question is, are you ready for it? Do you have the desire to change your quality of life? Are you ready to find new habits to replace old ones? Are you prepared to change relationships in the usual circle of friends to others? If you sincerely answer positively to these questions, you can start working on yourself. Do not be afraid, it will not be complicated especially when you know everything about cigarettes.

Remember, you can quit smoking! Did you remember? Act!

Don’t listen to anyone. There is a widespread statement that you can’t quit smoking suddenly. It is not just possible, but vitally necessary! The body will not experience any “stress” because nicotine is not incorporated into any processes in it. Nicotine is a poison that kills. And the “withdrawal” syndrome, which can tear you apart for a couple of days at the physiological level, is a natural reaction to the body’s need for “drugs”.

Here are some recommendations for you:

  1. Give up coffee and alcohol. If at work you are used to arranging “coffee breaks” with smoke breaks, switch to tea or fruit juices. And cancel or postpone upcoming gatherings with smoking friends for at least a month.
  2. Quit suddenly – just cut cigarettes out of your life, and throw away everything that accompanied them (accessories, rituals, etc.) without regret. This way, you can quit smoking in 2 days, and on the second day, the physical craving for nicotine is practically not felt. Only the psychological factor that needs to be dealt with remains.
  3. If the cut-and-forget method isn’t for you, keep a calendar. Make a decision to reduce the number of cigarettes per day, for example, smoke no more than once every 2 hours. And fix the data in the calendar. The next day, increase the interval by another hour, then another. By the end of the first or second week, you will be able to survive a whole day without a cigarette. And if you “withstood” one, then the second and even the third are within your power.
  4. If the cigarette still begs to be put in the mouth, send a glass of liquid there (but not coffee or beer!), or chew an apple, gum, or mint candy.
  5. Avoid situations in which you have always smoked: do not go with colleagues for a break, after work go home and not to a club, even at a stop while waiting for transport, stand not in the usual place, but in a different one.
  6. All items that remind you of the habit, mercilessly erase from life. It has no place for souvenir mouthpieces, pipes, lighters, and ashtrays. If you keep a “reserve pack” somewhere, get rid of such a “stockpile”, because it is of no use to you.
  7. Stop buying and taking cigarettes with you to work or for a walk.
  8. Physical activity will help to understand how to quit smoking at home. Let them be gentle and very pleasant in the first days. Gradually increase the intensity of classes. Training is better done in the gym.
  9. Calculate how much money you spent per month on smoking. Save this money and buy something incredibly nice.
  10. Tell everyone you know about your decision. Invite your best friends to quit too, bet it’s easy to quit smoking in one day!
  11. Help your body get rid of tobacco poisons:

– drink at least 2 liters of water a day to activate the elimination of toxins. Additionally, drink green tea and natural juices;

– in case of inflammation of the oral cavity – rinse the mouth with dental rinses;

– provide comfortable air in the room where you are (humidity at least 50%, temperature up to 22 °C) to facilitate the removal of sputum from the lungs.