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Protect your rights: defeating discrimination in Kazakhstan

Svetlana (name changed), a resident of the city N, participates in a substitution therapy program (OAT). Through an outsourcing company, she was assigned to work for a firm selling household chemicals as a “packer”.

Svetlana successfully passed her probationary period, demonstrating her skills and diligence. However, when it came time to apply for permanent employment, she was rejected after learning of her participation in the OAT program. The employer rescinded the hiring decision, citing possible reputational consequences.

The girl turned to REActor for help and their efforts were not in vain. Together they sent appeals to various government agencies, demanding that the situation be sorted out. They also contacted the employer, who confirmed that Svetlana had successfully passed her probationary period and that the company was now ready to hire her permanently. The employer was probably afraid of possible negative consequences and decided to change his decision. Perhaps he realized that refusal to participate in the OAT program could lead to legal problems.

Also, as a result of the written appeals, the Department of Labor and Social Security began an inspection of the outsourcing company, which was subsequently placed on the list of unreliable labor market service providers.

This story shows how a REActor was able to change Svetlana’s life and influence the policies of the company that tried to stop her.

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