Response stories

Prosecution of ex-husband

Olga lives in a small town in the Zhytomyr region. For some time, she was in a relationship with a man who started showing aggression; because of this, Olga had to leave him to save her child’s mental health and her own life.

After that, the ex-husband started pursuing the woman because she did not want to return to him. The last straw for the victim was the fact that the “ex” posted a joint photo with Olga on his Facebook page and captioned it: “I finally left the HIV carrier; she “awarded” me with AIDS.” Although the man was healthy.

The woman was desperate because she had a small daughter and was afraid of persecution because of her HIV status. Olga no longer knew how to stop this, so she turned to REAct specialists.

The client was provided with psychological support and advice on further actions to protect her rights. Olga was told about her husband’s criminal responsibility for disclosing her HIV status. As the woman had already applied to the police and received no response, REAct experts recommended using again with a claim and emphasizing the mandatory police response according to Article 10.

Thanks to the intervention of a paralegal who accompanied the second appeal to the police and Olga`s persistence, who was already aware of her rights` protection and duties of the police, the claim was accepted, and the offender was reprimanded. Today, nothing threatens the woman. She has become more self-confident because she knows she is protected.