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Justice in a road traffic accident: REActor defended the rights of a victim in Kyrgyzstan

Earlier this year in Kyrgyzstan, Arthur (name changed) was the victim of a road traffic accident in which a second driver became the culprit by crashing into his car. After conducting an investigative check, the investigator refused to initiate a criminal case and sent the case to the traffic police to bring the guilty party to administrative responsibility under the code of offenses. The guilty driver was fined for traffic violations but refused to compensate for the damage caused to Arthur.

After contacting the REActor, Artur received legal support. The lawyer prepared the necessary documents and filed a statement of claim with the district court for compensation for material damage. In the process of court consideration, the lawyer requested to secure the claim, in particular, to seize the house of the perpetrator. The court issued a ruling on the seizure of the defendant’s property and then ruled in favor of Arthur, obliging the defendant to pay compensation in the amount of 350,650 soms (more than 3500 euros) for the damage caused.

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