Response stories

Humiliation of PWID

Oksana had a difficult relationship with her neighbor. He often humiliated her, cursed her, and sometimes even physically abused her. The last time the man tried to blow the client’s door with foam, a fight broke out.

Oksana’s friend called the police, although before that the girl had already written a statement to the neighbor, no one responded. When the police arrived and the law enforcement officers saw that the client was a drug addict, they did not pay due attention to the situation. On the contrary, the men began to belittle Oksana’s dignity and say that she is a drug addict and that is her who has to calm down in this situation.

After that, the client turned to the REActor as a provider of paralegal assistance. The girl was consulted about the situation, and also, in order to protect her rights, she was sent to the local Public Reception Center of the Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union. With the help of cooperation with the lawyer of the UHHRU, the client was able to successfully defend her rights and return home.