Response stories

Dismissed from work due to OST medication intake

The REAct project was approached by a woman who is involved in the OST program. She has a long history of drug use followed by a break in use and rehabilitation. She found a job, she had a livelihood and it seemed that life was giving her another chance, but…

The woman had worked as a salesclerk for a long time, she did her job well, no one ever complained about her, and her boss even promised her a raise.

However, one day, while visiting the OST-dispensing site, she was seen by a colleague from work. The next day, an audit was set up at work and some shortfalls were identified. Those who were her colleagues and best friends only yesterday suddenly turned into harsh judges who readily threw around unfounded accusations and insults based on her OST drug use.

After her dismissal, the client turned to the REActor for help as the store management demanded she should make amends and pay the allegedly deliberately created shortfall.

Thanks to the REAct project’s assistance, the woman received free legal advice to address the store management’s inappropriate actions, the stigma and discrimination shown in connection with her visits to the OST-dispensing site and wrongful termination. Also, the client needed psychological support and counseling to improve her mental and emotional state, and remove the barriers that feed the cycle of her emotional and social isolation.

The project made sure the client accessed all the necessary assistance and today the woman is happily employed working for a private entrepreneur.