Response stories

Discrimination in the Armed Forces due to sexual orientation

Pavlo, a soldier of the Armed Forces, is serving and is in a hot spot in the Zaporizhzhia region. The man never hid his membership in the MSM community and served on an equal footing with other military personnel.

One day, one of the soldiers got drunk and began insulting Pavel, threatening him with reprisals for his sexual orientation. As it turned out later, the attacker had problems with the law and was serving time in prison for murder. As soon as he arrived at their military base, the man found out that Pavlo was gay and decided to ask directly if it was true. Subsequently, the situation developed in such a way that the man attacked Pavel with a skewer and inflicted physical injuries on the grounds of intolerance. At the shouts of the military man, other comrades rushed in with threats and stopped the attacker’s aggressive actions.

After turning to the REAct documentator, Pavlo was provided with legal advice on preventing such actions by the military, in which signs of a criminal offense can be seen under Article 126 and Article 161 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Later, a report was sent to the police, but the client refused help and tried to resolve this conflict internally. A little later, the documentator still managed to finish this case and punish the culprit. A report was also sent to the head of the company. The offender was reprimanded with the deprivation of all incentives and disciplinary punishment for illegal actions.