Response stories

Disclosure of the child’s HIV status

A PLHIV turned to the REActor for advice and a request to help resolve the current situation in relation to her minor daughter, who also has an HIV-positive status.

The woman and her daughter came to their family doctor in order to draw up medical documents for the child to visit a holiday camp. The doctor completed the necessary documents and gave them to the woman, on the title page of which the client saw the inscription “B-20”, which means that the owner of this document is PLHIV.

The woman asked the medical worker to take away the inscription since it is a disclosure of HIV – the status of a child and is considered an offense. However, the doctor refused to do so.

The client turned to the employees of a friendly NGO to help her resolve the situation. The social worker of the organization, together with the client, went to the family doctor, where the documenter held an explanatory conversation with the medical worker, spoke about the criminal liability for her actions and about the regulations that the doctor violates. After that, the inscription on the child’s document disappeared and the social worker secured the doctor’s promise that such situations would not happen again.