Response stories

Protection of client rights at the AIDS Center

Artem turned to the REAct documentator about the actions of a doctor at the city’s AIDS Prevention and Control Center. The man said that he was systematically asked for money in the form of charitable assistance, and when he refused, the infectious disease doctor began insulting the client, emphasizing his status as an IDP. After another similar situation, Artem could not even get the necessary service and drugs.

The documentator visited an infectious disease doctor with the client’s consent, during which, according to the doctor, the AIDS Center introduced an additional fee for certain services. It officially provided her with estimates for taking tests from clients, which the clients allegedly have to pay for themselves. However, the doctor refused to give this price for photography.

Regarding the verbal insults towards the client, the woman replied that she expressed herself in a similar way because of her emotionality and promised not to allow herself to express herself in this way toward patients again.

Regarding the further payment of the tests, the documentator visited the chief physician of the AIDS Center, who explained that recently voluntary payment was indeed established for clients who can purchase reagents and tests for blood research. After the conversation with the head doctor, Artem received all the necessary blood test results, the ART scheme, and the necessary drugs.