Response stories

Demanding money after the operation

Nadia turned to the REActor for getting medical help. After the operation – amputation of the leg, the doctors began to demand money from the woman for the provision of dressing materials, referring to the fact that she is suffering from HIV.

After the client refused to pay for the necessary materials at her own expense, the doctors refused to provide bandages and painkillers, arguing that, given her illness, Nadiya needs more drugs than other patients, and the hospital does not have that much budget. Moreover, they began insulting the woman, calling her a “drug addict” and refused to submit documents to provide the client with a disability group after her leg was amputated.

The REActor visited the head doctor, who began to justify the doctors’ actions and confirmed that the number of bandages and painkillers was exhausted, so the client was offered to buy them at the pharmacy at her own expense. Regarding cases of insults towards Nadiya and refusal to submit documents for registration of disability, the chief doctor promised to hold a disciplinary conversation with the staff so that such cases would not happen again.

With the help of a REActor, all the necessary documents for obtaining a disability group were submitted and, as of now, Nadia has been assigned a group and discharged from the hospital for further treatment at home.