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Conduct of the client in case of the violation of his/her right to social assistance

  • First of all, it is worthwhile to highlight to the offending social service provider that this is a violation of the right to social assistance guaranteed by the current legislature of Ukraine, demanding to respect this right.
  • If this was not effective, you need to approach the head of the authority providing social services, better with a written complaint demanding to remedy the violation of the right to obtaining social services and assistance. Your report (complaint) must be duly registered, with an incoming registration number assigned.
  • If, despite the expectations, these efforts were not successful, you need to submit a written report (complaint) to the municipal or oblast department of social protection about failure to react by the head of the local body. The report (complaint) must demand to remedy the violation of the right to receiving social services and assistance. The municipal or oblast authority must duly register the report and react to it. In fact, this is usually enough to correct the situation. 
  • If the client remains unsatisfied, he/she can submit a complaint to the central executive authority responsible for social protection policy making, the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine, or apply to court. The legal action does not depend on the results of institutional appeal.