Response stories

Combating domestic violence associated with HIV-positive status

Iryna found out she was HIV positive during her first pregnancy. She immediately informed her husband, who also passed necessary tests and turned out to be healthy. After that, constant quarrels, humiliation, and beatings began at their home.

After some time, Irina divorced her husband and stopped living with him. However, he later asked to restore the family. Two years later, the former couple started living together again. Irina got pregnant for the second time and gave birth to another boy. However, happy family life did not happen. The man started drinking alcohol and continued to humiliate the woman due to her HIV+ status.

Later, Iryna decided to change her life and turned to the crisis center for women who suffer from domestic and gender-based violence. REActors provided psychological support to the woman, Iryna with her two sons settled in the crisis center and changed her job. Social workers helped to quickly collect all the necessary documents and transferred the boys to other educational institutions. After a while, the woman moved to another region and settled up there.