Response stories

Combating discrimination in the medical laboratory

Marina came to the laboratory on a doctor’s referral for tests. At the register, the woman presented her disability card to receive a discount during payment. To which the registry employee in a very sharp, loud, and rude manner demanded that Marina put her “HIV” ID card away.

There were many people in the clinic that day. As soon as they heard this conversation, they all, as if instinctively, retreated from the woman. After seeing this, Marina ran away in tears.

When the emotions subsided, the woman asked for help from the partner organization “BF Positive Women”. The REActor referred the client to a social worker, who accompanied her to the head of the laboratory to resolve the situation. The registrar initially did not admit her guilt, referring to the fact that Marina misunderstood everything. However, after holding an explanatory conversation with her, she apologized and performed all the necessary analyses considering the discount. After receiving the required service, the Organization’s psychologist provided the client with psychological help and conducted a series of consultations to stabilize Marina’s morale state.