Response stories

Cheated out of his apartment and thrown out on the street by his own relatives

Anatolii is a drug user. He was hospitalized for a long time with severe head injuries. The man was unable to recollect what had happened to him and how he ended up in the hospital. After being discharged, Anatolii went home to find other people living in his apartment. Then the man decided to seek help from his sister, but she turned him away and ignored all his pleas.

The man spent nights moving from one acquaintance to another for six months, but over time, everyone got tired of this imposition and they stopped letting him in. Anatolii tried getting a job and renting a place to stay, but he had no ID documents. The man turned for help to the social workers of the CO CF Hromadske Zdorovia, where he was receiving his HIV prevention services, and was linked to the REAct project.

The REActor arranged a free consultation for Anatolii with the legal counsel based in the CO CF Hromadske Zdorovia. As it turned out, the man’s relatives fraudulently took possession of his apartment and sold it. The legal professionals helped the client obtain temporary ID documents and set him up with a place to stay at an overnight shelter. Later, Anatolii got a job.