Response stories

Blackmail of a sex worker by the police

Women engaged in sex work are at constant risk of rights violations. In particular, Ruslana, a client of a friendly organization, was blackmailed and forced to provide sexual services for money in one of the apartments for a long time. At the same time, the girl was forced to give the earned funds to a former police officer and an employee of the anti-trafficking department, because they found out that the woman was undergoing a criminal case and threatened to tell about her status as a sex worker to her roommate.

The girl learned about the REAct project and asked for help. The documentator, after listening to the sad story, directed the victim to consult a psychologist of the organization, taking into account her difficult psycho-emotional state as a result of regular psychological manipulation by the police.

Ruslana was also provided with an initial consultation on legal issues. After all, police officers, clients, and other persons quite often commit illegal actions against sex workers and remain unpunished. Later, the girl was referred to a friendly organization lawyer for help writing a statement to the police and legal advice. After submitting the statement, the harassment by the violators stopped.