Response stories

Assistance with having ID documents re-issued and obtaining temporary accommodation

A REActor was contacted by an HIV-positive woman, who was being treated at a TB facility together with her young daughter. The client and her child were completing the active phase of treatment and had to be transferred to maintenance treatment. However, they had nowhere to go after being discharged, because the apartment in which they had resided before being hospitalized was unfit for living due to its neglected condition. The woman was in no position to seek help from the state because she had lost her passport and the child’s birth certificate. As she was abusing alcohol at the time, she took no steps toward having her documents re-issued. The child’s father, addicted to heavy drinking, was living in an abandoned house and did nothing whatsoever to care for the future of his wife and daughter. Besides, in the city where the client lived, there was only one homeless shelter, but it was only for overnight stay and refused service to the mother with her child.

The well-coordinated efforts of REAct and the NGO CO 100 PERCENT LIFE DNIPRO ensured that the client was provided with psycho-emotional support and legal advice, as well as all the information needed. Additionally, the woman was referred for linkage to the Novy Pochatok (New Beginning) Rehabilitation Center, which helped her with obtaining temporary accommodation and having her ID documents re-issued after being discharged from the clinic.