Response stories

Assistance in passing the MMC

Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Anton volunteered for the Territorial Defense Forces of the Armed Forces of Ukraine without passing the Military Medical Commission (MMC). Later, he was sent to the front, where he received two concussions, after which the man developed numerous health problems.

Having arrived in Kyiv on vacation, the client began to demand that he be commissioned for his health, taking into account the contusions and the fact that the man uses PAS and has an HIV-positive status. However, the Territorial Center for Recruitment and Social Support categorically refused to send him to the MMC for further recognition as unfit for military service, thereby violating the relevant norms of the current legislation.

Having found himself in a hopeless situation, Anton decided to turn to the documentator of the REAct project with a request to help solve the issue of passing the MMC, since the state of health of the husband no longer allows him to pass further service. The documentator provided the client with initial legal advice regarding written appeals to the relevant authorities of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, explained the procedure for discharge from military service, and forwarded Anton to the bar association to involve a lawyer in the case. When a lawyer was involved, even at the stage of the pre-trial procedure, the client was declared unfit for military service with excluded from military registration.