Response stories

Assistance in passing MSEC

Andriy asked the REActor to advise and help redirect him to the MSEC regarding his diagnosis. The man said that his family doctor refused to turn the patient in for the medical and social examination, explaining that “as to the diseases Andriy has, the commission will not be able to give him a disability group.”

The rejects lasted for about a year: either the doctor sent the man to collect additional medical documents from an infectious disease specialist and a physiologist, or the family doctor did not have time to prepare documents for MSEС.

After hearing the story, the REAactor visited the family doctor personally regarding the systematic delay and refusal to redirect the client to a medical and social examination regarding his diseases. In response, the family doctor once again argued about the lack of time to prepare the necessary documents because he had “a lot of sicker patients”, so he did not have time to do everything simultaneously.

After that, the documentator suggested visiting the head doctor – the institution chief – and discussing the situation together. Immediately after that, the doctor promised to issue the necessary documents in 3 days and advised “not to wash dirty linen in public places.”

As of September 15, 2023, all the necessary documents were provided, and Andrii was sent to MSEC, where the man received the 3rd group of disability for one year.