Response stories

Assistance in organizing a medical examination

Oksana, an HIV-positive client, turned to a REActor from CO “100% of LIFE. Ivano-Frankivsk”. The woman asked for assistance in arranging a medical examination at a gynecologist.

She told the REActor about her last attempt to get a routine check-up, during which, for her safety and the doctor’s safety, she informed the doctor that she was HIV-positive. As a result, the doctor refused further examination, justifying it with the following phrase: “There was no need to make an appointment with me; I do not consult such people.”

After learning about this situation, the documentator contacted a friendly gynecologist and arranged the necessary examination and consultation for Oksana. In addition, she received psychological aid and further support.

According to the Law about Prevention of Discrimination, the doctor who treated Oksana in a discriminatory way because of her HIV status could be prosecuted. However, the client refused to submit a claim and from further case consideration.